Terms and conditions PayExpress

  • Ework is entitled to a fee for PayExpress which is a per cent of the invoiced amount, which will be deducted from the compensation paid by Ework to the Supplier.

  • PayExpress may be terminated at any time by written notice of ten (10) working days. In case of termination, the payment of compensation shall be made after Ework has received corresponding payment from the Client. In the event the Supplier loses its creditworthiness, becomes bankrupt, insolvent, or commences debt restructuring, Ework is entitled to terminate PayExpress with immediate effect.

  • In the event the Client does not pay Ework for the compensation already paid to the Supplier, the Supplier is required to make an on demand repayment to Ework.

  • In the event Ework’s cost of fundings increases due to changes in law and regulation (including but not limited to changes in regards to tax regulations), Ework is entitled to adjust the PayExpress Fee. Ework reserves the right to adjust the PayExpress Fee in the event Ework’s cost of funding increases including but not limited to higher interest rates or inflation and as a result of adjusted market rates. Ework further reserves the right to adjust the PayExpress Fee in the event Ework resolves to increase or decrease the PayExpress Fee due to commercial reasons.

  • Ework shall pay the Supplier for the performed Consultancy Services prior to Ework has received a corresponding payment from the Client for each respective invoice.